Monday, July 5, 2010

HP Laserjet 8000

I turned up a nice new toy over the weekend. Rescued an HP Laserjet 8000 from the dumpster. It came with an HP cabinet so I don't have to worry about crushing a table with the ~100 pound printer.

The cabinet seemed to weight quite a lot itself. It wasn't until I got it home that I realized there was an unopened box of paper (5000 sheets) inside of the cabinet!

I set up the network configuration to work with my home network, plugged it into a switch, and off we went.

I had nothing but paper jams for awhile but it might be because the paper had been sitting in there for 2+ years, or that the printer had been sitting unplugged for 2+ years (from what I'm told).

It seems to be printing better from Tray 2 now, but Tray 3 still jams 100% of the time. I'd like to get a hold of some fresh paper, decent stuff of good weight, and see if it works any better. The paper that came with the printer was below spec according to the printer manual.

The printer works well with Linux which is no surprise.

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Euthymia said...

Great score. That printer is a fast, high-capacity workhorse. Get a duplexer for $30 or so and you're printing books.

I have a 5Si, which is the same printer, but 600x600 resolution.

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