Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Hardware Doesn't Slow With Age

One of the profound truths that eludes most geeks is that our hardware does not get slower as it gets older. Our expectations of it, however, become increasingly unreasonable as our software bloats and our new hardware follows Moore's Law.

With that said, I do keep some old hardware kicking around, and do put it to good use. You'll see mention of it here from time to time.

Tonight? I have a Sun Ultra 1 that I'm working on. Right now it's got 128MB of RAM and a 4GB hard disk. I've ripped out that hard disk and installed an 18G hard disk for the OS, and a ~140GB disk for /home. It's doing a netboot-based installation of OpenBSD 4.7 as I write this blog.

It so happens I also have a Sun Enterprise 250 kicking around here that I'm not currently using. The memory is compatible with the Ultra 1! So the Ultra 1 is getting an upgrade to 1GB of RAM tomorrow.

If that wasn't sick enough, I also have a Sun StorEdge D1000 array laying around, and the disks & spud brackets to properly populate it. What I'm still missing is an sbus HVD SCSI adapter, cable, and terminator to attach the D1000 array to the Ultra 1. Not a high priority project, but it's on the to-do list.

I'll post a dmesg from the Ultra 1 once I'm done loading it up. Formatting the 140G /home partition is taking awhile...

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